Those Difficult Parent/Child Discussions | Part 1

Those Difficult Parent/Child Discussions | Part 1

Feb 27

The Questions Your Child Has But Doesn’t Know To Ask

Children are innately curious creatures.  Ask any mom of a toddler and they will tell you how they spend their day answering the seemingly limitless amount of questions.  Why, or in my son’s case, what happened? At some point though if we are not careful they stop asking questions.

As parents it is our job to make sure that we are open and available for our children to ask questions to.  It is very easy to quickly answer a question and continue on with what we are doing.  Often these are moments where our children want to know something deeper and either don’t know how to ask it or are feeling us out for how we will respond.  Take the time to truly listen to what your children are saying and look for opportunities to draw up that underlying question.

Remember we want to constantly do things that will open the lines of communication with our child and reinforce that we will always be a safe place for them to come with questions, even the hard ones.


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