Those Difficult Parent/Child Discussions | Part 2

Those Difficult Parent/Child Discussions | Part 2

Feb 28

Sex Questions

Like we discussed yesterday and many times previously we want to be the ones that our children come to with their questions.  It is our job as parents to “train them up in the way they should go” this means that we cannot leave the difficult topics and questions for some one else to answer.

Because of the world around them it is amazing the questions our children come up with and at younger ages today.  Especially when it has to do with sexuality.  We must be prepared for these questions and control our emotions when they are asked.  We cannot give the answer, even though we may think it, wait until your older.  When we leave these important questions unanswered we leave them vulnerable to whoever will answer and usually that means peers.  If a difficult question throws you off instead of reacting shocked, its ok to say “because this is a really important topic why don’t you let me think about it and we’ll talk before you go to bed.” That way you have time to process how to answer and to think through if there are any deeper questions underlying.

For more insight on the topic of teaching your kids about sexuality check out our previous series on Putting Sexual Purity Into Your Parenting Curriculum as well as today’s podcast.