Those Difficult Parent/Child Discussions | Part 3

Those Difficult Parent/Child Discussions | Part 3

Mar 01

Peer Interaction Questions

Another topic that may be difficult for today’s parent to discuss is peers.  Our reactions to peer discussions can go one of two ways.  Either we can be tempted to blow off issues as not a big deal or blow up issues and make them a bigger deal.  Neither one of these reactions will encourage our children to come back to us with peer issues.

Something that we need to keep in mind in talking with our kids about peers is their experience may be very different from ours.  Bullying has been taken to a completely new level then what most of us have observed. (For more on bullying check out our previous series by clicking here.)  And with the introduction of the internet, our homes are not completely a sanctuary because of cyber-bullying. (for more on this topic check out the cyber-bullying series by clicking here.)

We also must remember that while something may not seem like a big deal to us as parents, we are removed from the situation.  To a preteen/teen peer relations are their world, therefore it is a bigger deal to them.  Because we are removed we can offer valuable advice and insight but we must be careful not to downplay our child’s emotion about a situation.  Doing this is another way to alienate your child and make them decide not to come back to us in the future because they feel mom/dad “doesn’t understand.”


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