Those Difficult Parent/Child Discussions | Part 4

Those Difficult Parent/Child Discussions | Part 4

Mar 02

Questions About The Gray Areas Of Life

There are some areas in life that aren’t completely black and white and different people have different convictions about them.  These may be decisions that you want to help coach your kids through.  This means that your answers aren’t as important as the discussions they create.  Helping your children their own convictions about these gray areas will help them stick with them as they get older.  It is their own decision rather then a rule imposed on them.

There are also some gray areas that society has set up boundaries around already.  Take movies for instance, some people make the personal choice not to see rated R or even PG-13 movies because of their content.  The nice thing is society has already set up that these are appropriate only for ages over 18 or 13.  So this is an easy gray area to help your child set up their adult convictions for.  So it is easy to have a dialog about this type of gray area.  When your child asks about  movies, you can reply what your personal conviction is but open a dialog about it. For example something like “mom and dad have chosen not to watch movies that are R because of the nudity or language,” or “mom and dad are very selective about the PG 13/R movies we watch because we don’t want to put the sexuality or language into our heads.”  That can open a dialog to discuss this issue.

The importance is the discussion not the answer because with gray areas every family may have made a different choice.  This means that your child will observe other families maybe making different choices then yours, which is why you want to be available for questions.

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