Toddlers Are Suppose To Push Boundaries

To recap our last week discussing toddlers, we should not be surprised when they push the boundaries. We need to take it a step further and anticipate that they will push the boundaries. Forgive the analogy but it is similar to a dog learning an invisible electric fence. It isn’t a boundary that can physically be seen so they have to run until they hit the “consequence”. The dog must test the entirety of the fence to learn where his boundary lie. Some dogs will consistently push the limits. Others will learn more quickly and can even have their collars removed and will never leave the area because they believe there will be a consequence. Our toddlers have to learn this as well. They aren’t born immediately knowing their boundaries or even what is safe for them. We must teach them but we also must expect them to push back to see if the boundary is solid or if it is something that will change every time.  How hard they push back and how often can change with each child due to their temperament.
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