When Someone Else Is Also Training Your Toddler

There maybe many instances where a toddler may have the opportunity to practice the training outside your home. There may be short stints like nursery or longer stints such as daycare. The short stints can be looked at as practice times away from mom and dad. Be sure to take the time with the childcare worker/nursery attendant/babysitter to check how your child behaved and see what they need to work on.
The areas that can be a little bit more complicated are the family ones. Such as, time with grandparents or sharing time between mom and dad in a divorce. If possible share your parenting plan to see if, for the sake of the children, everyone can do the same thing. If this is not a possibility then at the very least make sure that your house is as consistent as it can be. Be aware that as children come back into your home they will have some adjustment time and adjust your expectations.

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