Why Choose to Disciple?

There is honestly nothing that we can do that has a bigger impact on our child’s life then discipling, or mentoring, them in their walk with Christ.  The thought of this may intimidate some parents because they feel unequipped to disciple their child. This may be the reason so many just rely on the church children’s ministry or youth group to do it.  The thing that we need to realize is that this is something that we actually do everyday, maybe with out even knowing it.

We have said many times before our children watch our every move.  The are intuitive studiers of their parents.  Our Christian walk is no different.  How we live out our relationship with Jesus will impact our children.  It may even determine whether or not our children see Christianity as merely a religion, something that is a Sunday ritual, or a living and active relationship with a God who is lovingly pursuing us.

We are going to spend this week discussing and looking at this concept more closely.  Take the time to read Deuteronomy 6:5-9 and process what it means for your life and your family.


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