Having Fun Within The Boundaries of Respect

One of the things that is amazing about setting up  proper respect for authority in your home from early on, is it allows for more fun within the family.  There must be a clear line set up but once those boundaries are in place, fun can happen with out the fear of it getting out of control or disrespectful.  We have used this metaphor before but if you think of a sports field or court there is always a line drawn that is out of bounds.  Everyone knows it the ref, teams playing, and the spectators.  So it is very clear when the ball or player crosses that line and is out of bounds.  The same thing happens in our homes.  We can have fun with in the lines of respect because they are clear-cut, what is permissible and what is not.  When someone steps over the line then a warning or consequence is given.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that the fun needs to stop if the child heeds the warning.  For example our family game nights always got very silly and fun, but this could happen because we knew where the line was.  Make sure to have clearly set up boundaries that have been discussed to allow for family fun!


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