How To Appropriately Question Authority

We want to raise critically thinking leaders and not blind followers.  A skill that’s necessary to teach our children is how and when to appropriately question authority.   First thing we need to instill in our children is to always take things back to God’s word.  He is the ultimate authority.  So there may be a time where a teacher, youth leader, grandparent or even parent says something that is not correct. We need to give our children the skills to ask a question about it appropriately.  This begins at home.  There will be a time where our children may not understand or will disagree with a rule.  We need to teach them that it is ok to ask questions about it.  It is all about the how.  Arguing is not appropriate so what it?  Politely, coming to the adult and asking, “can we talk about this?” is one way to do it.  Our children need to know that their opinion matters but it may not change the rule.  There will be times when a parent is in the wrong and we need encourage our children if they bring this up appropriately.  Discussion about things is great but arguing is not. Teach your children how to question appropriately and respectfully.


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