The Discipline of Goal Setting Must Be Trained

Children are not born patient, as many parents of toddlers can attest.   They want things immediately and for some if they do not receive what they want, a temper tantrum will follow.  If we as parents know that we have to train our children to be patient why is it hard to train our children to have goals?

Goal setting, just like training in most areas, is time consuming and takes effort.  Some times it is so much easier to do things for our children rather then help them set up the goal for themselves.  While it may be easier to allow them to “learn the hard way” if they procrastinate on a school project, or jump in at the last minute and rescue your child, neither is the best choice.  The best thing to do is to get involved from the beginning and help your child manage the goal of a good grade on the school report.

There is another area where we as parents may have to exhibit more self-control and allow our children to learn the lesson of patience and goal setting and that is through helping them with finances.  It is prudent to not purchase for your child everything their heart desires but allow them the lesson of saving for themselves.  We will discuss this area of goal setting in more detail tomorrow.

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