Teaching How to Wait for the Reward

We can utilize our children’s grades and projects to help them learn how to set up goals and wait for the reward.  In the residential program at Sheridan House the kids know up front that at the end of every marking period there will be rewards and consequences given for grades received.  For D’s and F’s there are consequences but for a good GPA report card dinner is to be had.  The kids get to get off campus and eat out at a fun restaurant.  For those who earn straight A’s there is a shopping spree with a set amount of money.

The point of this is to set up goals and rewards that the kids spend the entire nine weeks working towards.  It wouldn’t make much sense to give a goal such as good grades and then give the reward at the beginning of the marking period.   There are times where we do this, like when we immediately make a purchase for our children instead of making them save for it, and undermine goal training.

Take the time to set up the rewards ahead of time so that your children can work hard and feel the sense of accomplishment at receiving the reward.

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