The Spiritual Implications

There are many spiritual implications for teaching our children goal setting.  The first and foremost reward of the Christian life, a relationship with our Creator and ultimately eternity spent with Him.  But there are also many earthly implications.  The Bible is full of many goals and rewards for following those goals that God himself has set up.

The one that has major relevancy for the teen years is the goal of remaining sexually pure before marriage.  There are many reasons why God set up this goal for us to attain.  He designed sex to be for inside the boundaries of a marriage relationship because there are so many consequences if we do not maintain that goal.  Helping our teens focus on the big goals that God has set up for their lives is easier if we have helped them learn the goal process from an early age.  If that is the case we have already taught them how to deal with delayed gratification and patience.

Remember that it is NEVER too late to teach your children how to set goals.  Even if you are beginning this process in the teen years teaching your children the importance to obeying God’s commands and following the goals that He has set up for their lives is worth it.  He has set up amazing rewards for our lives if we are willing to follow Him and the plan He has set up for us.

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