Trust in Your Marriage | Part 1

Why This is Important

Trust is one of, if not the most, foundational principles for any relationship. For example, in a friendship if a friend has proven trustworthy, you would feel comfortable sharing a secret.  The more trustworthy the friend the more comfortable I feel sharing deeper things. If the friend proved untrustworthy and shared the secret, we wouldn’t share further.

We use this constantly in parenting.  It is important for a child to be trustworthy, this affects many areas for the parent/child.  If this is the case a parent can trust their word, but it allows for a parent to expand their boundaries.  But in a marriage relationship it can be a make it or break it issue. Trust is the foundation of the home.  It is foundational for intimacy.  If we feel we can trust our spouse, we feel they can be trusted with our deepest sense of self.  Check back the rest of this week as we unpack this important topic.

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