Trust in Your Marriage | Part 2

How Do You Build Trust

Trust is a foreign topic in today’s culture.  It is almost assumed that nobody is to be trusted. There are some who even feel that those in authority around us can’t be trusted. The foundational belief of a trust in God which was once mainstream has become counter cultural.  With all these potential mental barriers how do we allow ourselves to let go and trust our spouse?

The marriage is suppose to be a rock of trust for us. It is a sacred union that God even uses to illustrate His relationship with the Church.  We are called to be “one flesh” with our spouse and this cannot happen without trust.  Trust is built, brick by brick. We have to be proactive in our marriage relationship to prioritize and be proactive about trust.  We must set up boundaries for our marriage. For our week long series on this click here. We must guard our mouth; Matthew 3:37 says “Simply let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes’ and your ‘No’ be ‘No’; anything beyond this comes for the evil one.”  Listen to our spouse and do be defensive if there is anything that causes them to feel uncomfortable. We must be careful and open with anything online.  We must be very careful that we have no “closed doors” places literal or figurative where our spouse is not allowed.  For more on how to build trust listen to today’s podcast.