The How To’s of Listening | Part 3

Where is Your Front Porch

Yesterday we talked about training children to listen by taking the time to hear what they have to say.    There are other places that we can listen by example as well.  A child often observes how mom and dad interact.  In fact how we live out our marriage will have a direct impact on the future marriages of our children.

One of the things that is easy for a child to observe is how their parents communicate.   Do they see communication that builds or tears down?  What do they observe when their parents disagree?  Most of all do they see their parents listening to each other?

Before the age of television families could be seen sitting on their front porches enjoying the evening after dinner.  Maybe the children were playing in the front yard while their parents sat and enjoyed each other’s company.  The important thing about this was not just the time spent as a family but the fact that children could daily watch their parents interact and communicate.  So the question for today is where is your front porch?


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