What My Kids See In My Marriage | Part 1

What My Kids See In My Marriage | Part 1

Jan 02

Why It’s Important to Think About This

This is an area that many parents don’t take the time to process through. When my kids see my spouse and I interact, what do they see? What impression do they take away of what marriage is really like? Do they see us disagree in a healthy or unhealthy way? Do they see us always treat each other with respect? What do I say about my spouse when they are not around? Do they ever see us affectionate with one another? Do they know that we are a united front when it comes to parenting, we will always have each other’s back?

These are all such important questions to process through. Research shows that our marriage will not only impact our children’s future marriages but how they even perceive marriage in general. It is important to take time to look at the patterns in our marriage and what they are communicating to our children.


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