What My Kids See In My Marriage | Part 3

What My Kids See In My Marriage | Part 3

Jan 04

Submission and Sacrifice

Submission almost seems like a four letter word in today’s culture of empowerment. However, in order to become a working unit we have look at the principles of submission and sacrifice. We are ok with the word “sacrifice” because we know that in order to be healthy we have to make sacrifices in the way we eat and exercise. In order to meet specific goals we have to be willing to sacrifice some of our wants and desires. As parents, we hopefully sacrifice our needs for the needs of our children. Why then do we have such a hard time sacrificing or submitting to put our spouse’s needs before our own? It may be that we have fallen into the trap of believing our spouse is the one that is there to meet our needs. Placing that expectation on your spouse is too huge an order for one person to fill. Jesus calls us to serve each other, especially those closest to us. He demonstrated this by washing the feet of those closest to Him.

Our children will learn submission and sacrifice by watching it in action.


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