What To Do With Easter | Part 1

Why It’s The Most Important Holiday

If we are typical American families, Easter is just another holiday about getting.  It revolves around the Easter bunny, egg hunts, new clothes for Easter Sunday and church.  For many families going to church is a religious event that happens only Christmas Eve and Easter Sunday.  Do we need to do anything different than that for our family?  First we need to decide what it really means to us.

If we truly believe what we say we believe then this day we celebrate is what sets Christianity apart from any other religion.  We claim to believe that this day celebrates the day that Jesus defeated death.   Because God is a Holy God , in order for us to be in relationship with Him we must be with out fault.  This is not possible for us, so God requires payment for our wrong doing.  For years this payment was sacrifices made by the priests for the people.  Jesus stepped in to once and for all take the place of animal sacrifice, His death was the ultimate and final payment for our sin.   His death made it possible for us to be in relationship with God.  Good Friday and Easter celebrates the focal point of Christianity.  We are going to talk about how we celebrate this as a family.