What To Do With Easter | Part 2

Do This in Remembrance of Me

As we begin Easter week, choose to make this a week of different focus for your family.  We will talk about several things that you can do as a family to make this week set apart from the norm.  For many of us who are Christians we get caught up in all the religious activities and don’t allow them to remind us of why we do them.   In the story of Joshua, he has the leaders of the twelve tribes of Israel place twelve large stones together as a monument.  He does this right after they cross the Jordan river.  He tells the people that they are doing this so that when the children ask it will be a reminder of all that God has done for them.  We can utilize these holidays as a monument in our lives.

Many of us today don’t celebrate the season of Lent.  The purpose of the season from Ash Wednesday to Easter, is to set that time apart.  Giving up something for the season reminds us that there is something special about this time.  It is suppose to help our focus be on God.  If you don’t celebrate the season of Lent as a family think about things that you can do this week to set the time apart.  Things that you can use as a family “monument” for what God has done for us.