What To Do With Easter | Part 3

Explaining Christ’s Sacrifice at Home

It cost our Savior everything for us to have relationship with God, His Father.  We cannot make light of the sacrifice that Jesus made for us.  Crucifixion was such a horrific way to die that some have stated that it is the most inhumane form of carrying out the death penalty of all time.  It is something that cannot be taken lightly.  Make sure that you are taking the time to help your children understand the sacrifice that Jesus made for us on the cross.  You can utilize Resurrection Eggs for your older children to explain the events of Easter week.

The horrible things that Jesus went through before His death may be a difficult thing to explain to small children.  But helping them understand the reality of what He did for us is very important.  One way to help them begin to understand, is by helping them to see what the outcome of his suffering was.  Jesus’ death and resurrection opened the door of communication between God and humanity.  Our sin stands as a barrier, but when Jesus took that sin upon himself and paid our penalty, that barrier was removed.

To help children visualize this lesson, you can explain that God allowed the cords (or whip) of Jesus suffering to be part of the process to open the communication to Him. The activity that can help children to understand that new communication between God and man, is making an old fashion can/cup telephone.  Punch a hole in the bottom of a cup or can and thread the cord through.  Put a can on the other end and pull the cord taunt. You will then be able to hear a voice talking into the other end. You can even write “God” on one cup and “man” on the other.  Use red yarn or string for an even stronger visual to represent that Jesus blood made this communication possible.

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