What To Do With Easter | Part 4

Visuals for Teaching

Like we mentioned yesterday utilizing the Resurrection Eggs to teach children about the message of the Easter week is a great visual aid. But what about taking some of the symbols of the Easter story a step further to teach.

For example take the Spear in the Easter story. The spear, is an amazing representation of the fulfillment of prophecy. The Old Testament states that not a bone would be broken in Jesus body. This is one example of God keeping his word. There are so many amazing promises in the Bible. We can use the fulfillment of prophecy to help children learn to focus on God’s promises.

A fun activity to do is make a promise coupon. Children can think of something they can do for another family member. A promise they alone can fulfill. I could be something that they promise not to do, a teaching tool, such as I promise not to argue about going to bed. It could also be something nice that they will do for another family member, like helping mom clear the dinner dishes. Writing promises down helps children remember. This can be a fun way to help children learn to do what they have promised, like their Heavenly Father does.

Get creative with other objects to use for visuals for teaching your children. Creating activities with children helps them to understand the magnitude of what God has done!

Listen to today’s podcast for more on celebrating Easter as a family.