Choosing To Teach Your Child

For the past two or three generations moms have been lead to believe that they were not able to meet the needs of their pre-schooler to get them ready socially, emotionally or academically as well as preschools.  Some moms have no option. They must put their two or three year old in preschool so they can help put food on the table.  But other moms, who could make the choice to keep their child at home, have been lead to believe that its always best for the child to take him to the “experts”.  That is just not always so.

Why has this been an easy sell to moms? First, moms of course want to give their children every advantage.  Secondly, it is exhausting spending 24/7 with a preschooler.  Finally some moms may not feel equipped or creative enough to teach their preschooler.

There are few reasons why it is worth the effort to learn how to be equipped to teach your preschooler, if you are in the position to do so.  The first is the high privilege it is to be your child’s first teacher.  The second is it promotes more mother and child bonding. Finally, you are there for those irreplaceable moments of the toddler/preschool years.

We will spend the rest of this week talking through how to do preschool with your child.

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