Teaching Through Experiences

One thing we can do to begin the teaching process is exposing our preschooler to different things/experiences, as a way to teach them.  If we treat everything as a learning experience then we are ultimately creating a thirst for knowledge.  A classroom setting, especially for young children, can make learning feel like a requirement. For example, we can take our children to the park and have a picnic.  While we are eating we can spend time observing different animals, say squirrels, ducks or ants, and talk about them.  A small child learns very well through experiences because of their small attention span. You can even teach about numbers at the park as you count trees, swings or clouds.

The great thing about this type of learning is that you can give one on one interactions. Because you know your child you can make the most of learning by tapping into their interests, such as the outdoors or animals.  You are also there and available to answer their questions, even the unasked ones.

Keep in mind that this does take a lot of patience and attention to the details around you as well as an in depth knowledge of your child.  But keeping learning fun and spontaneous is well worth the effort of practicing!!


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