Teaching Through Socialization

This is another area where parents feel if they are doing preschool their child may loose out on socialization with children their own age.  This is another area where we have to be intentional but the reward is great for both parties concerned.  One of the first places we can socialize our children is by creating play dates with other kids their own age. Taking the time to do this one on one with friends or even meeting up with a group of moms once a week is important.  It is important not only for the child’s interaction with others but it benefits mom as well.   Mom will get a chance not only to observe her child in a social setting and see areas that may need to be redirected or worked on, but they also may get some much needed time with other moms.

Another area that is great for practicing socialization is the church nursery/preschool ministry.  In this setting, children get to practice away from mom, which can also be very valuable.  Most churches have gone to great lengths to make sure they have an awesome team of volunteers in their children’s ministry.  So it is a great environment where you can feel safe dropping your child off while you go and get recharged spiritually.  Make sure that you take the time to get to know your child’s teacher so you can dialog about how they behaved and can let them know areas that you are working on with your child.


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