How To Keep Your Sanity

One thing that makes many shy away at the thought of doing preschool at home is keeping their sanity with their preschooler around 24/7.  While it is definitely not the easiest of choices and many may have moments of thinking what have I done, there are many ways to keep yourself sane during the day.

The first is going into every day, sometimes every moment, with the right attitude.  The thought needs to be, I’m not surviving my day, my goal is use my moments to teach and train my child.  If we continue in survival mode it is easier to get frustrated and feel as though things are spiraling out of control.   When we are teaching and training we are in control because we can turn even the crazy moments into opportunities.

Secondly on a practical note we must take advantage of naptime! Whether it is to simply rest during the quiet moments, take these uninterrupted minutes for time alone with God, straightening up so everything doesn’t feel so chaotic or even just taking a shower.  It is important to make sure that we make the most of this time so we don’t get exhausted.

Finally don’t forget to laugh.  Make the choice to take joy in situations with your kids.  Even the most frustrating moments don’t seem so if you can find something to smile about through them.  Did my toddler’s sock really just fly off and hit the dog while she was kicking and screaming?!


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