The Bonus of the Relationship With Your Child

Through all the chaos that is the preschool years, there is a major bonus to having the privilege of doing preschool at home.  You don’t miss out on relationship! We need to always have in the forefront of our minds as parents how fleeting time is.  We must remember that we can never relive the moments that have passed.  This is a great reminder to enjoy our children through every single stage. Even though every stage will bring its own challenges we will never be able to relive those moments with that particular child.  What a great accountability to always have that in mind.  With doing the preschool years at home the bonus is you don’t miss out on the many milestones of those years or the awesome things they say.

There is also the amazing bonding of parent and child through these learning experiences, as well as many priceless memories.  This is not only one thing to focus on during the hard days but also a motivator if there is any way that it would work for your family to be able to do preschool at home.


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