When My Child is Difficult to Like | Part 2

When My Child is Difficult to Like | Part 2

Jan 10

Why Does This Happen?

The first thing we can do when having these emotions is look at why this can happen. Consider that you can very easily be overwhelmed with parenthood in general.  It is very easy to go into parenthood with unrealistic expectations of what it demands.  Parents get overwhelmed with the constant needs of a child.  So the dislike may be more of what parenting demands of us.  It is a hard adjustment to have to cease to be self focused and to continually be others focused. This is further training that God allows in our lives.

Secondly, we may have a personality conflict with our child.  We can struggle because we don’t understand where our child is coming from.  The other possibility is that we have very similar personalities to our child, which can rub us the wrong way.  Either way it is easier to grace our child if we can look into the why.  We have to keep in mind that parenting is a ministry.  We are called to give to, serve and train our children for the cause of Christ.


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