When My Child is Difficult to Like | Part 4

When My Child is Difficult to Like | Part 4

Jan 12

When Parenting Gets In The Way Of My Schedule

If there is one thing that gets interrupted in a parent’s life it is their schedule.  From the first day a baby comes home, life will never be as the parents once knew it.  After the newborn phase we can even attempt to keep our children in a schedule but there will be changes to it as life happens, such as a child getting sick.  If we are Type A personalities it may be more difficult for us when something rocks the neat little schedule we have going.  The Type B personality may find it difficult that their child does need routine.  Parents can’t just pick up and go where they want anymore. As children get older the family schedule may be more focused on the kids’ activities, such as sports or youth group events, etc.

One way to fight feeling resentful is to make sure that you are first and foremost taking time with God.  Secondly, that the spouses are getting their quality time together. Make sure there are date nights on the schedule.  During a difficult season, make sure that there are also fun times with the family.  It is amazing what a little fun family activity can do to relieve stress but also help to put perspective where it needs to be.


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