How Disagreements Can Be Good

It is very important that as parents we present a united front.  Our children need to see that we are a team.  If they go to one parent and ask permission to do something it should be the same answer that they would get from the other parent.  It is very detrimental for the family if the children learn that they will consistently get different answers from different parents.  Children are very smart and will quickly learn how to play one parent against each other. This is very frustrating and ultimately can even lead to marital problems.  The great thing is that this situation is very avoidable.

Yesterday we brought up the idea of the parental staff meeting.  Just like a staff meeting is vital for a strong company, it is vital for a strong parenting team. We discussed yesterday that we all come into marriage with different personalities.  In fact most of the time we marry our opposite.  This will cause us to see parenting from different points of view.  When brought together and talked through these differing views can help to strengthen the parenting team.  There has to be a time to discuss so that we are on the same page when addressing our children.