The Elementary Years

Once your child passes the toddler years the likelihood of a total shutdown lessens. In fact if a shut down happens, as your child gets older, it can serve as a warning sign. It’s like one of those lights on your dash bored that alerts you that there is a problem with your car. The problem can vary anywhere from you need to fill your car with gas, to there is something wrong with the engine. It is an alert that you need to pay attention to.   When older kids shut down we need to investigate the why. What is going on behind the behavior? Things to ask yourself, is there inconsistency in handing out consequences for behavior, so that when one is handed out a battle ensues? Is it time to revamp or create a parenting plan? Am I hovering or being a helicopter parent and not allowing my child to “exercise their choice”, the “E” in the ICE plan? Is something going on with my child emotionally, at school or home? Is the possibly attention seeking behavior? These are just a few examples of the reasons your child may be shutting down. For more information on the ICE plan click here and for our week-long series on signal behavior click here.