The How To’s of Listening | Part 2

 Listening By Example

There are many things that we teach our children by simply showing them how to do it.  One of the most important and sometimes difficult things about parenting is that we must always be aware there are little eyes watching everything we do.  This means our words and actions need to match up.

Practically, other then instructing your children to “listen to mommy/daddy”, how do we teach listening?  We can first be an example to our children in how to listen.  This, however,is not always as easy as it sounds.  Do we find ourselves absently answering a child’s question without really listening to what they are saying? Are there ever times that we assess a situation and make up our minds about what happened without listening to our children?  That is just in everyday situations, when a child is acting out listening can become even more difficult.  We need to remember to be intentional because our children will learn how to listen from how we listen to them.


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