Who is Influencing Your Child? | Part 1

Safe Ears

It is very difficult in today’s day and age for parents to feel like their children are protected from everything out there.  Some of us may be tempted to go overboard trying to control every situation that our child is involved in to keep them safe.  One area that we can look at is who is influencing our child.  There are many sources, peers, media, and teachers to name a few.

First and foremost we are to be our children’s filter.  We need to be aware of things that are going into their head when they are younger such as movies and television. Secondly we need to be there to be a sounding board for our children as they get older.  We need to realize that as they age they will be in environments where we will not be around.  So we always need to have “safe ears” to listen to what has been going on.  We want to be our children’s sounding board if something doesn’t sound quite right to them or if they have a question.  We cannot over react and lecture them for something someone else said and did.  We can calmly listen and explain the situation.  That will keep them coming back to talk and process if they have questions or concerns.

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