Who is Influencing Your Child? | Part 4

Who is Influencing Your Child? | Part 4

Aug 11


One way to watch who is influencing our child is to be in constant communication with them.  We have talked about this a lot and even spent two weeks discussing this topic.  First and foremost creating times for communication allows us to hear what other people are saying to our children.  It also helps us to see how certain things are impacting them.  There are media influences that we can discuss with our children, such as games, TV, movies and music.  When we see something that we don’t agree with or is offensive in one of these arenas, we must get involved and open up a dialog about it. 

The second thing that communication does is it continues to allow us to be a big influence in our children’s lives.  Most teens still report that their parents are their greatest influence in decisions that they make.  This means that we have to choose to be in that position by continuing to work on communication and relationship.

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