Who is Influencing Your Child? | Part 3

Setting Up an Electronic Mote

One thing we can do as parents to guard who is influencing our children is to guard our family time.  Make time that is set-aside just for family.  Most of us have times at work where it would be inappropriate to be answering cell phone calls or texting.  Most of our bosses wouldn’t like it very much if we were in a meeting with them and our attention was on our cell.  We need to set aside specific family time that is guarded like that.

How do we do that? We need to first and foremost set the example.  Do we always answer our phones or text back or is their set aside family time that phones are put down.  Dinner can be an easy place to start.  If we are sitting down at the dinner table and expecting to have a conversation as a family then we need to make sure that there are no interruptions. If we are allowing other people to interrupt, via cell phone, we are communicating that those people are more important than our children.  Another place that is easy for us to get wrapped up in phone conversation and miss time with our kids is drive time.  Think about times where it may annoy you that your teen answers their cell phone and keep that in mind the next time your cell rings when you are with your child.

Take the time to set up boundaries where family time is guarded from the interference of technology.


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