Why Marriage Is Difficult | Part 1

Why Marriage Is Difficult | Part 1

Aug 29


We live in a culture today that, because of all of the resources available, marriage should be a breeze. We have access to movies about relationships and tons of books from fiction to self-help. We can text, talk and message each other constantly. We even have the internet as a constant source of information on the subject. So in this day and age, why is marriage so difficult? Why is the divorce rate so high? There are many reasons that we will explore this week ranging from reasons like the fact that many of us haven’t seen marriage done well, to the constant distraction of the world around us.

The reason we explore today is expectations. We all enter marriage, know it or not, with expectations of what it will be like. When those aren’t met we can feel disillusioned and hurt. This is such an important topic that we spent an entire week long series fleshing it out. For that series click here.

Check out today’s podcast for more on how our expectations impact our marriage.


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