Why Do Parents Do it?

We are going to focus this week on yelling or the adult temper tantrum. We have all observed parents that are yelling at their children. And unfortunately many of us are guilty of it. The adult temper tantrum is not something that is a controlled stern voice tone. It is where a child does something and the parent “loses it” and yells.
So why does it happen? For many, it is the way they were raised. Others may yell because they are at a loss for what else to do. Some parents are dealing with stress in other areas of their lives and when a child messes up they catch the brunt of the adults emotions. Some parents are not prepared for their child’s behavior and are caught off guard or embarrassed, so they react.
Not only is yelling not an effective consequence it is usually the result of a lack of plan on the parents part. Check back, we will spend the rest of the week discussing yelling and what we can do to change it.

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