Yelling | Part 4

Yelling | Part 4

Mar 09

How To Stop

There are four easy steps to remember in order to stop yelling. Anticipate the behavior, don’t be caught off guard. Develop a plan for dealing with unacceptable behavior. Develop your response ahead of time for dealing with defiance. Choose not to become the consequence.

Remember, the consequence is not to break the child’s will. The consequence is supposed to be just enough to make the child think. If established and consistently enforced it will cause the child to choose to be responsible. Make sure the consequence is selected ahead of time to make it possible for the parentand child to maintain their relationship. The child might be mad at the parent at first, but eventually, if there is no yelling the child will realize that his parent is not part of this consequence. This makes it easier for the child to realize that his parents are still pulling for him to win, and they still love him regardless.

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