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The Reason for Chores

The Reason For Chores

…Why is it so important to fight the chores battle as parents…

Help! My Marriage Has Gotten Boring.

…If we don’t continue to give to our marriage relationship it can become stagnant.   Everything that is alive grows….

The Battle For A Child’s Self-Esteem

..That is the answer for who we really are and the foundation for a positive self-esteem. …


..seems to be something that many parents have questions about because it is so prevalent in today’s society. …

Raising A Wise Decision Maker

… how our child makes decisions will affect every aspect of their life …

Mothering Is Harder Than I Thought

… how we cope on those days and how we get to the point of choosing to be fulfilled with the awesome job we have been privileged too…

Raising A Grateful Child

Gratitude is not something that is an innate human trait. Because we are all born selfish

Performance Focused Parenting

Have we placed so much pressure on our children to succeed that they may be missing out on the very basics of childhood?

The Proactive Marriage

…We must be proactive to protect our relationship with our spouse…

Finding the Balance of Family and Individuality

..we have to find balance and help them learn to thrive in a unit….

Ways to Make Parenting More Difficult

..Many have said that parenting isn’t for the feint of heart….

Dealing With Bedtime

…It almost seems that the area of bedtime can be a battle for every stage of parenting, from birth to curfew…

Teaching My Child To Communicate

…With the introduction of the three “T’s” (television, transportation, technology) the natural family communication state has been interrupted…

Teaching Forgiveness

.. some areas of forgiveness don’t even seem natural, especially when it’s forgiving someone who has hurt us deeply…..

Family Fun

…A great way to defuse this pressure is family fun…

Becoming Your Spouse’s Best Friend

If we are not careful then years may go by and we may look at our spouse and realize that we are married to a stranger.

Dealing With Lying

…Lying can become so addictive that even the person doing it has a hard time deciphering the truth…..

Preparing For The Cyber Tsunami

….If you don’t attempt to be current it will be difficult to monitor what your child is doing online, as well as make informed decisions if they are asking to do things…

Helping Your “Pleaser” Become a Leader

…a pleaser could then fall into a pattern of being manipulative or following the rules but only when someone is watching…

Taking Your Child From Stubborn to Determined

..If we are not consistent with our rules, rewards and consequences it can lead to confusion.  Worse then that, it can be very detrimental to the training of our strong willed child….

When Parents Don’t Agree

When parents are not on the same page these boundaries cannot be consistent.  It can ultimately make the child feel very insecure

When My Child Shuts Down

…The first is to make sure to keep proper perspective. Remember that this is only a small battle to win the war for your child’s heart. It is temporary…..

Noticing My Child’s Pain


…we become students of our children even from a young age to learn their individual “tells’ that something is bothering them emotionally….

Developing A Conscience In My Child


…value system is the foundation for our decisions, for our sensitivity to what is right and what is wrong and for the feelings of those…

Teaching Respect for Authority


… reasons range from it makes my child enjoyable for other adults to be around, to it opens doors…

The 30 Imperatives of Parenting

… the 30 things that we must train our children in before they go out the door…

The Discipline of Change

… A synonym for the word resolution is the word courage.  Now that…

Teaching Giving

… focus on what the true meaning of Christmas is and the joy of giving to others …

Teaching Your Child to Serve

… it grows them into becoming someone that God can use mightily…

Managing Your Christmas Traditions

When we break it down what is a tradition?  Who decides the tradition? . . .

Raising A Grateful Child

Gratitude is not something that is an innate human trait.  Because we are all born selfish . . .

“No” Through The Years

When playing a sport it’s important to know the field’s boundary lines.  If they’re not clearly . . .

Constructive Creation

Messy and destructive by nature. How quickly my boys can create chaos . . .

My Children Are So Different

We have children that are completely different. Are they are different by design. . . .

Emancipation / Independence

When our children are born they are completely dependent on us for everything . . .

Teaching To Trust

What exactly is trust and why is it so important? It’s the glue that holds a relationship together. . .

Their Own Opinion

My oldest, like me, is an “arguer.” He is a very black and white kinda person. . .

Getting The Best Start

As parents we need to head into the school year prepared ahead of time for the days to come. . .

Peers vs. Parents

Part of parenting is learning to let go and training your child to handle independence well.

Raising Daughters

There are many ways girls are different than boys. Each gender has different needs just like different personalities do.

Raising Sons

On some levels of society we want to shy away from gender stereotyping but then if you look into the world of toys. . .

Family Fun

There are so many stressors on every member of the family today, financial, relational, and work/ school related stress to name a few.

Entertaining Themselves

Teaching our children to be able to entertain themselves is important because it teaches them how to be alone.

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