Protecting My Marriage With Boundaries

Protecting My Marriage With Boundaries | Part 1


Setting Boundaries For Your Marriage

Because marriage is the foundation for development of the children that live within a family, it is important to discuss how to protect it.  No parent will get up in the morning and think, “hmm, I think I will try to have an affair today and hurt the other members of my family.”  So how does it happen? Most of the time it is a slow and gradual process that happens because we did not place boundaries up to protect our marriage from it.  Why is this a difficult process to place boundaries?  It is not cultural.  Our culture is extremely sensual and doesn’t like rules imposed on it, this is not a good combination.  Because it is not cultural we are mostly untrained on how to set up these boundaries or what they should look like.  Remember that if you don’t take the time to do this God reminds us in 1 Peter 5:8, “Be careful! Watch out for attacks from the Devil, your great enemy. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for some victim to devour.”

We will spend the rest of this week discussing how to place these important boundaries around your marriage.


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Protecting My Marriage With Boundaries | Part 2


Your Marriage Is Under Attack

As Christians we need to fervently protect our marriages.   We mentioned the verse yesterday that talks about the Devil being like a lion prowling and waiting to attack.  What a better way to devastate many people then to take down a marriage.  Not only are the spouses affected but the children, extended family and even people around them.  Many of us have observed or even felt the impact first hand of a pastor whose marriage has fallen apart.  This is an area that can have devastating and widely reaching consequences.  In Ephesians 6, it talks about the armor of God and how we protect ourselves from attacks.  The original language implies that our areas of weakness or Achilles’ heel are known.  We must make sure that we don’t get lazy in placing boundaries or think that this can never happen to us.  No one is immune.  We also need to analyze ourselves to see what maybe an area of weakness.  Are there perceived or real needs not being met by our spouse that may make us vulnerable?  Make this a priority to see what boundaries you need to strengthen around your marriage.


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Protecting My Marriage With Boundaries | Part 3


Starting The Conversation

Having the conversation about how to place boundaries can be very intimidating.  Because it is so important to do we need to prepare ourselves to make sure that we are approaching it correctly.  This could be an area that spouses may not agree 100 percent.  We need to make sure that how we approach the topic is correct.  If we go in accusatory, “the way you are handling this…”, it will probably make our spouse defensive and end up creating an argument.  Remember, we want to place boundaries around our marriage not tear down our own walls in the process.   We want to go into the discussion open and vulnerable.   There may even be a reason why one spouse is feeling insecure about an area.  It may be good to approach the topic from that perspective.  For example, maybe the wife has a friend whose spouse just left her for another woman.  A good way to bring up the topic of boundaries would be, “because of what happened with so and so, I’m feeling insecure.  It is nothing that you have done and I trust you, it’s just me right now.  Can we talk about some things that would help me to move past this insecurity?”

Make sure to have this conversation so that both spouses can be on the same page on how to place boundaries.


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Protecting My Marriage With Boundaries | Part 4


Boundaries Are Trust Builders

With the influx of social media, texting, and internet usage, it creates a whole new set if issues with regards to boundaries.   A sense of openness with our spouses on the use of technology, creates trust.  We shouldn’t have anything that is “off limits” to our spouse.   If we have any texts, emails or interactions on social media that we don’t feel comfortable with our spouse looking at, then we need to reevaluate what we are doing.  We must set boundaries with who we interact with in social media, how we are going to handle texts, and chatting with those of the opposite sex.  These can be areas of danger if we are not careful.  Make sure to have a conversation with your spouse about how you are going to set up boundaries with regards to these issues.  Remember the verse in Genesis discussing being “naked and not ashamed” was not a physical reference.  It was talking about complete openness and honesty with the other person.  Setting up boundaries allows us to do this.


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Protecting My Marriage With Boundaries | Part 5


Good Boundaries In The Work Environment

As we have discussed this week, boundaries are something that have to be consistently dialoged about.  We need to be open to talk through the things that make our spouse feel uncomfortable.  Even if they don’t make sense to us, most things will be small things to give up for the sake trust in our relationship.  The work place needs to be a place that we are consistently aware of this.  It is the place, other then home, that we spend most of our time.  Make sure to process through what appropriate boundaries are for dealing with coworkers of the opposite sex.

One of the most important things you can do for your marriage is, not only to have a good defense or boundaries, but a good offence.  Make sure that you are constantly building, putting time and effort into the relationship.  This is a good way to protect either spouse from being vulnerable.  Someone once told me “you never want to send your spouse hungry into a pastry shop.”   This is true of both emotional and physical needs.  Make sure to make your marriage a priority and take the time to set up boundaries to protect it!


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