Fathers and Sons | Part 5


Raise Him To Be A Godly Husband

A verse to think about as we end our week on fathers and sons.

Ephesians 6:4 And now a word to you fathers. Don’t make your children angry by the way you treat them. Rather, bring them up with the discipline and instruction approved by the Lord.

Listen to today’s podcast for how to raise your son to be a godly husband.

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Fathers and Sons | Part 4


Raise Him To Be A Servant Leader

Some people are born leaders but it would probably be very difficult to find someone who was a born servant leader.  That takes an example of servant leadership and lots of training.  Training a son to be a leader means he must first know Who to follow.  A leader can’t make decisions without a template for those decisions. His father can help provide that template.  Listen to today’s podcast for the areas in which a father can train his son, to raise up a servant leader.


Listen to today’s podcast for more insight on this topic.

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Fathers and Sons | Part 3


Raise Him To Love God

There is a need for us to rethink what it means to be a father. A Father is not just someone who helps to bring a child into the world.  He is not even a male body who comes home at night, a provider or a bill payer.  A great father is all of these things plus a role model and servant leader. This calls for a huge level of sacrifice.  This calls for a huge commitment to Christ

What is the job of the Father when it comes to raising a son?  The mandate can be found in Deuteronomy 6.

Deut 6:5 Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.

6 These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts.

7 Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.

8 Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads.

9 Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates.


Today’s home is providing the wrong things; things that are perpetuating the immaturity of adolescence.  We are no longer raising our children to become adult leaders.  We are raising our children to conform to the patterns of this world and its materialism.

Remember, America won’t be changed by the white House, the beginning of true change for America can only be started in your house!


Listen to today’s podcast for more insight on this topic.

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Mothers & Daughters with Guest Rosemary Barnes | Part 5


Mom as the Role-Model For Being Godly

The Bible tells us in Romans to “not be conformed to the pattern of this world…” But what does that mean? Especially for girls today who are inundated with the culture around them, they need to see what it means to be Godly.  There are several ways that a mom can “not conform”.  First is the current “idol” of materialism and money.  Where is our focus as moms, is it keeping up with those around us or is it “learning to be content” as Paul teaches?

Moms for the most part exemplify sacrifice.  We are the ones who constantly must put ourselves on the back burner for the needs of our children.  It is our attitude about it however that sets us apart.  Are we grumbling or acting the martyr or are we considering everything “pure joy”, even the sleepless nights or behavior battles?

Again there are so many more ways to communicate and exemplify for your daughter what it means to be a Godly woman. Take the time to look up Proverbs 31 to see what the wisest man in the world considered to be Godly, as well as Galatians 5:22-25 for what Godly attributes we should have.


And as always listen to today’s podcast for more on this topic.

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Mothers & Daughters with Guest Rosemary Barnes | Part 4


Mom As The Role-Model For Wife

We have said countless times that children learn most often by observation.  One of the awesome privileges that mom has is to role-model for her daughter what it means to be a godly wife. There are many ways she can do this.  First the Bible calls the wife to respect her husband.  One of the ways we do this is by our words.  What do our children hear us say about our spouse? How do we respond to our spouse in front of our children? This is one of the ways we can role-model respect making sure that the things we say edify and build him up.

Secondly, we can role-model healthy communication.  Even though we may not always agree we are able to work things out.  Our children should be able to observe our healthy interactions day to day.

There are so many more ways that a mom can role- model what it means to be a godly wife.  Listen to today’s podcast for more.

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Mothers & Daughters with Guest Rosemary Barnes | Part 3


Mom Shouldn’t Relive Childhood/Teen Years Through Daughter

Many times in the residential program I observed moms who didn’t set up boundaries between themselves and their children, their daughters in particular.  In other words there was no adult/child line.  You couldn’t tell by behavior and dress who was the adult and who was the child.  This obviously created major problems.

There may be many motivations behind this kind of relationship.  The first is that mom maybe trying to relive her youth through her daughter, by the way she dresses and acts.  The second reason may be that mom wants her daughter to be her friend so she hasn’t set up boundaries.  It is hard to treat a daughter as a friend and then all of a sudden turn the tables on her and try to be her authority figure when she has disobeyed.  This is very confusing for a child/teen and can cause rebellion.  The other thing that can happen with this friend type relationship is the mom can treat her child as a confidant.  This again is not a healthy relationship because a child should not have to carry their parent’s secrets or burdens.  A mother needs to work hard to set up the parent/child boundaries so that later she can enjoy her adult daughter’s friendship.

For more on this topic listen to today’s podcast.

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Mothers & Daughters with Guest Rosemary Barnes | Part 2


Mom As The Gender Role-Model

The number one role-model for how a girl feels about her gender is mom.   If mom is not taking the time to role-model what it means to be a woman them her daughter will attempt to find these answers in the culture around her.  This can be very confusing.  There are so many extreme definitions of what it means to be a woman everything from using your body to get attention to ignoring your femininity all together.

Mom must help her daughter find the balance of all that culture is throwing her way. She must help her daughter to understand that true beauty is found on the inside. Mom herself also needs to role-model self respect and modesty so her daughter can observe it. Moms have the awesome privilege of helping their daughters embrace and celebrate their gender. Take the time to enjoy it!


Listen to today’s podcast for more insight on this topic.

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Mothers & Daughters with Guest Rosemary Barnes | Part 1


The Unique Dynamic in the Relationship

So many moms dream of the day where they will have a baby girl,  and for many the dreams don’t stop there.  They think that their daughter will be their buddy to do things with as they grow. And while sometimes this is true, why is it that for so many this is such a rocky relationship, especially in the teen years?

Mothers and daughters have a unique relationship and when it is working its awesome, but when it is not it can be explosive as I have observed many times with our residential girls and their moms.

Many times it is simply a communication issue.  Girls and Moms don’t know how to talk to each other.  Again, I have observed many times girls and moms talking AT each other and not TO.  Mothers need to train their daughter how to communicate. Click here for our two week long series on this topic.  It starts with listening.  Moms need to start taking the time to listen to their daughters. Often tines mom, if she will take the time, is the only one who is able to see through her daughters emoting to what the true issue is.  Check back this week as we look more deeply into the topic of mothers and daughters.

Listen to today’s podcast for more insight.

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The Power of Our Words | Part 3


Encouraging More than Physical Beauty

It is very easy for our daughters to be wrapped up in appearances.  Even though great strides have been made for women, today’s media still seems to put beauty in the forefront for women to achieve.  Why else are there still models that are unhealthy because they are so thin or actresses who feel the need to have plastic surgery?   Here in south Florida even radio stations are playing adds for non-essential plastic surgeries.  This is the culture that our daughters have to grow up in but we as parents can help our daughters fight this pressure.

This is where our words are so important.  First we need to remind our daughters that no matter what they are beautiful.  While it sounds cliché, true beauty is really found on the inside.  How many times do we think someone is beautiful because of who they are? There is radiance to character.

Secondly we need to be careful to compliment our daughters on more than their appearance.  Make sure to daily compliment your kids on things they do well, but especially you daughter.  We need to notice and speak up when they make the right choice. We also need to look for and give opportunities for any talents that our daughters have to blossom.  Make it a priority for your daughter to know she is worth so much more than simply what she looks like.

Listen to today’s podcast for more on this topic

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Fathers and Daughters | Part 5


Pursue Her Heart

Many dads may find it easier to relate to sons because they share the same interests.  As we talked about earlier this week pursuing your daughter through giving her your time is worth the effort.  What happens if a father doesn’t take the time to do this?  He makes his daughter search else where for someone who will pursue her.  This is a scary thing because most times it is a boyfriend as she gets older.  If he doesn’t pursue relationship but only gives her affirmation when she does something well; he is teaching her that performance = worth or acceptance.  This is also a scary lesson for a girl to think that she has to “perform” in order to find worth in her boyfriends eyes.

Take the time to pursue your daughter’s heart it is well worth the investment.


For more insight on this topic listen to today’s podcast.

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