When Mommy & Daddy Run Preschool | Part 5


The Bonus of the Relationship With Your Child

Through all the chaos that is the preschool years, there is a major bonus to having the privilege of doing preschool at home.  You don’t miss out on relationship! We need to always have in the forefront of our minds as parents how fleeting time is.  We must remember that we can never relive the moments that have passed.  This is a great reminder to enjoy our children through every single stage. Even though every stage will bring its own challenges we will never be able to relive those moments with that particular child.  What a great accountability to always have that in mind.  With doing the preschool years at home the bonus is you don’t miss out on the many milestones of those years or the awesome things they say.

There is also the amazing bonding of parent and child through these learning experiences, as well as many priceless memories.  This is not only one thing to focus on during the hard days but also a motivator if there is any way that it would work for your family to be able to do preschool at home.


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When Mommy & Daddy Run Preschool | Part 4


How To Keep Your Sanity

One thing that makes many shy away at the thought of doing preschool at home is keeping their sanity with their preschooler around 24/7.  While it is definitely not the easiest of choices and many may have moments of thinking what have I done, there are many ways to keep yourself sane during the day.

The first is going into every day, sometimes every moment, with the right attitude.  The thought needs to be, I’m not surviving my day, my goal is use my moments to teach and train my child.  If we continue in survival mode it is easier to get frustrated and feel as though things are spiraling out of control.   When we are teaching and training we are in control because we can turn even the crazy moments into opportunities.

Secondly on a practical note we must take advantage of naptime! Whether it is to simply rest during the quiet moments, take these uninterrupted minutes for time alone with God, straightening up so everything doesn’t feel so chaotic or even just taking a shower.  It is important to make sure that we make the most of this time so we don’t get exhausted.

Finally don’t forget to laugh.  Make the choice to take joy in situations with your kids.  Even the most frustrating moments don’t seem so if you can find something to smile about through them.  Did my toddler’s sock really just fly off and hit the dog while she was kicking and screaming?!


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When Mommy & Daddy Run Preschool | Part 3


Teaching Through Socialization

This is another area where parents feel if they are doing preschool their child may loose out on socialization with children their own age.  This is another area where we have to be intentional but the reward is great for both parties concerned.  One of the first places we can socialize our children is by creating play dates with other kids their own age. Taking the time to do this one on one with friends or even meeting up with a group of moms once a week is important.  It is important not only for the child’s interaction with others but it benefits mom as well.   Mom will get a chance not only to observe her child in a social setting and see areas that may need to be redirected or worked on, but they also may get some much needed time with other moms.

Another area that is great for practicing socialization is the church nursery/preschool ministry.  In this setting, children get to practice away from mom, which can also be very valuable.  Most churches have gone to great lengths to make sure they have an awesome team of volunteers in their children’s ministry.  So it is a great environment where you can feel safe dropping your child off while you go and get recharged spiritually.  Make sure that you take the time to get to know your child’s teacher so you can dialog about how they behaved and can let them know areas that you are working on with your child.


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When Mommy & Daddy Run Preschool | Part 2


Teaching Through Experiences

One thing we can do to begin the teaching process is exposing our preschooler to different things/experiences, as a way to teach them.  If we treat everything as a learning experience then we are ultimately creating a thirst for knowledge.  A classroom setting, especially for young children, can make learning feel like a requirement. For example, we can take our children to the park and have a picnic.  While we are eating we can spend time observing different animals, say squirrels, ducks or ants, and talk about them.  A small child learns very well through experiences because of their small attention span. You can even teach about numbers at the park as you count trees, swings or clouds.

The great thing about this type of learning is that you can give one on one interactions. Because you know your child you can make the most of learning by tapping into their interests, such as the outdoors or animals.  You are also there and available to answer their questions, even the unasked ones.

Keep in mind that this does take a lot of patience and attention to the details around you as well as an in depth knowledge of your child.  But keeping learning fun and spontaneous is well worth the effort of practicing!!


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Choosing To Teach Your Child

For the past two or three generations moms have been lead to believe that they were not able to meet the needs of their pre-schooler to get them ready socially, emotionally or academically as well as preschools.  Some moms have no option. They must put their two or three year old in preschool so they can help put food on the table.  But other moms, who could make the choice to keep their child at home, have been lead to believe that its always best for the child to take him to the “experts”.  That is just not always so.

Why has this been an easy sell to moms? First, moms of course want to give their children every advantage.  Secondly, it is exhausting spending 24/7 with a preschooler.  Finally some moms may not feel equipped or creative enough to teach their preschooler.

There are few reasons why it is worth the effort to learn how to be equipped to teach your preschooler, if you are in the position to do so.  The first is the high privilege it is to be your child’s first teacher.  The second is it promotes more mother and child bonding. Finally, you are there for those irreplaceable moments of the toddler/preschool years.

We will spend the rest of this week talking through how to do preschool with your child.

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The Potential Negative Impacts of Daycare | Part 5


Spiritual Development and Last Questions About Daycare

One great thing that we can see happening around the country is that many churches have taken on having daycares as part of their ministry.  Again, for those who have no option it is a great relief to know that the people who are caring for your children., share your spiritual beliefs.  For those that do have the option, don’t make the mistake of thinking that a church daycare will do a better job then you will at your child’s spiritual development.  We need to get away from the mentality that it is the churches job to grow us spiritually.  As parents it is especially easy to think, well my child went to Sunday school, small group or youth group this week, and check their spiritual development off your list.  This is not the case even for a Christian daycare.  A daycare worker cannot take the time for individualized teachable moments but parents can.  We can take the time to teach our children how to pray and then apply it as a family member is sick or as we pass an accident on the road while we are driving.  We can teach our children about the fruits of the spirit as we are teaching them why it is important to get along and share with their siblings.  Remember that we as parents will be held accountable for the spiritual development of our children, not the church or daycare.


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The Potential Negative Impacts of Daycare | Part 4


Academic and Intellectual Development of Daycare

This is one of the great myths presented to parents.  There is some research out there that shows academic development is higher for children at daycare, BUT this was only in areas where moms themselves were not academically able to develop their children.

Remember that mom can and should be the best teacher.  Especially for preschool aged children, one on one attention is important.  Mom can take the time to answer questions, and because they know their child even the questions that weren’t being asked. A mom can and will take the time to hear a child’s heart and will be better able to notice and develop their specific gifts.

If there is an area that you feel your child can develop more, a mom can take the time to educate herself in how to help her child and then spend the one on one time it takes to do so.


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The Potential Negative Impacts of Daycare | Part 3


Behavioral Issues As A Result of Daycare

One of the areas that we need to process is the behavioral impact of daycare.  Our children are like little sponges learning how to do things by observing everyone around them.  Especially impactful is what other children their age do or how they behave.  Many parents can testify that potty training their younger child was easier because they had a role model in their older sibling.  I even had one mom tell me that her 14 month old daughter taught her self to use the potty because big sister had just learned.   Because of this studies by the NYU School of Medicine and by NIH(National Institute of Health) state that children who spend most of their day in daycare were three times as likely to exhibit behavioral problems in Kindergarten as those who were cared for primarily by their mothers.

There are several reasons because there are so many children for workers to focus on it is difficult for them to be consistent in discipline. There is just no way for them to “catch” everything, nor do they have the time to specifically deal with every child for every infraction. Because of this there can be an every man for himself mentality in the children or he who screams the loudest gets heard.

One of the ways that daycare workers are inherently different from parents, other then the obvious, is their role is to be a manager not a trainer.  Therefore, they will not take advantage of the teachable moments that are there because they role is to be a manager of the class.  A final reason there are behavioral issues is sometimes a parents guilt, or the “I haven’t seen you all day mentality” tends to dilute our discipline at home.


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The Potential Negative Impacts of Daycare | Part 2


The Emotional Issues Linked to Daycare

There are some emotional issues that come up when placing your child in daycare which need to be addressed.  The earlier the child is placed in care the greater the impact of these issues.  Research has stated that it can diminish bonding with the mother, which can lead to emotional issues in the future.   It states, ”infants’ emotional development may be disrupted with the attachment process is undermined by the repeated extended separation involved in placing an infant in fully time daycare. “

Emotional stability is created and maintained in the home environment.  The current societal mentality seems to be pushing parents to be facilitators of their children rather then nurtures.  If your children spend all day out of the home it can feed this mentality, as you are rushing to get home from work, pick up your child, get dinner, everyone cleaned and to bed, only to do again tomorrow.  This hectic schedule doesn’t leave a lot of time for the nurturing of young children.

Lastly we need to remember that we as parents are the ones who’s responsibility it is to mirror God’s unconditional love.  We are the ones who are to applaud the character and effort of our children not the performance.  This is very difficult to do when we are constantly rushing because we have to truly and deeply know our children.


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The Potential Negative Impacts of Daycare | Part 1


The Decision To Place My Child In Daycare

For the somewhat controversial topic of daycare we first need to mention that there are many families out there today, especially in this economy, which have no options as far as daycare is concerned.  For the families that do have an option the impacts of putting your child in daycare must be weighed.  Any family who uses daycare must be prepared for some of the challenges it brings.

Today we need to look at the question of why many place their children in daycare.  Like we stated previously many families have no options, single parent families and families hit hard by the current economic state are examples.  For parents who do have options what are the reasons for choosing to place your child in daycare? Some of the reasons that have been stated are, to socialize my child, to use my degree to further my career and make a difference, to give my child a PreK schooling experience so they can get ahead in school, and finally putting a child in daycare always makes good financial sense.  Many of these are myths, which we are going to spend time this week breaking down so you as a parent can feel you are making an educated decision about daycare.  As we stated previously if there is no option due to your circumstance then you will be able to face possible issues head on because you are prepared for them.


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