Helping My Child Cope with Fear | Part 5


The Common Fears Of Each Stage Of Life

Each phase of childhood has it’s own set of fears that go along with it, from nightmares to fear of rejection. Listen to today’s podcast as we explore what some of these fears are.

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Helping My Child Cope with Fear | Part 4


Practical Steps In Helping My Child

One of the very first things we can do is listen. Even if it is our three year old and they are scared of the dark, we must be careful not to belittle or brush off a fear. Remember it may not be a real but the fear is real to them. ​The power of listening and being on their “overcome team” is extremely important because fears are very isolating. Another thing to do is watch for signal behavior. ​You might not know exactly what the fear is until you realize there is signal behavior. That same three year old battles bedtime or struggles staying in bed, or your teen all of a sudden has a very hard time getting out the door to school. Things like this may be telling us there is something deeper going on.
​Some fears can be overcome by roll playing, like that fear of the opposite sex which we are deep down hoping never goes away. Some fears can be overcome by explanation, “No honey, the drain will not swallow you up. You are way too big to fit down the bath tup drain.” ​ Some fears can be overcome by desensitization, that new school/new school year fear. Some fears can be overcome by time, hopefully the fear of the dark is an example of this.
One of the most helpful things with our sons is teaching them to pray when they feel afraid. This helps to teach them that there is someone bigger then them who is always there to protect them even if mom and dad are not.

Listen to today’s podcast for more on this topic.

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Helping My Child Cope with Fear | Part 2


How You Could Be Feeding Their Fear- Part #1

One if the things that we need to be careful of as parents is using fear to get obedience. It’s is not uncommon to see parents attempt to use fear tactics on their children. We laugh at some of the ones from years past “don’t cross your eyes too much, they’ll stick like that” or “don’t sit so close to the tv, you’ll go blind” etc. Around Christmas time, in holiday fun, there is a little elf who sits in houses and reports back to Santa our children’s behavior. While these are humorous, and obviously not damaging, examples of using “fear” to get desired behavior there are more detrimental ones. “If you don’t work harder at school, you won’t amount to anything”, for example. Now while there are realities to teaching our children that it may not be safe to talk to strangers, we need to be careful not to instill fear of everyone around them. We need to be careful in our parenting to not be adding unnecessary fear to our children to garner obedience.

Listen to today’s podcast for more on this topic.

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Helping My Child Cope with Fear | Part 1


Listening To Their Fears

It has been said that the 21 century word for fear is anxiety. Reports state that 1 in 10 children struggle with anxiety. That could very easily be our child. We must be spending time with our children listening to them, sometimes even between the lines, to evaluate if our child is struggling.
The amazing thing is that fear was one of the topics Jesus brought up most. Here are just some of the verses where Jesus mentions “do not be afraid” or “do not fear”.
​Matthew 10:31 “So don’t be afraid, you are worth much more than the sparrows … ”
​​​​​​​​Matthew 9:2 “Take courage, …”
Matthew 6:25 “I tell you not to,worry about everyday life …”
​Luke 8:50 “Don’t be afraid, just believe ..”
Matthew 10:20 “​Do not fear …”
Luke 12:32 “​Do not fear …”
John 14:27 “​Do not be troubled or afraid.”
Luke 24:38 “​Why are you frightened? he asked”
Matthew 17:7 “​… do not be afraid …”

Check back the rest of this week as we go deeper into this important topic.

Listen to today’s podcast for more on fear.

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