Money and Your Marriage | Part 5


Taking The Steps To Develop Financial Goals

As with many other areas this starts with a staff meeting. Discuss what you both want out of life; look at both the short term and long term. Next a monthly budget needs to be established. Make room for bills, tithe, savings and other monthly expenses. With in this a decision about credit cards needs to be made. Set aside time to discuss annual financial goals as well. For example, what bills to pay off by end of year, what necessary purchases by end of year and anticipated repairs by end of year. Always keep in mind that love means compromise, mutual submission to each other!

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Money and Your Marriage | Part 3


Myths About Money- Part 1

One of the first myths that some hold to is the husband should be the one handling the money. Finances should be a team effort with the one who is more financial minded leading the way. Because we marry our opposites one of the two spouses will probably be more financially bent.
Another myth that some believe is “it’s my money I’ll do with it what I please”. They live dual income marriages. It is hard to be one flesh and may create tension and competitiveness if this is how money is handled. What happens if one spouse is out of work or decides to stay home with children? This is why finances should be “one flesh.” Check back tomorrow as we deal with more money myths in marriage.

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Money and Your Marriage | Part 2


Becoming One Flesh With Money

​Genesis 2 states, “and the two will become one flesh”. ​​Few things tare that joining flesh apart as much as the way we handle our finances. Because we probably come into marriage with such different approaches to finances, we must come up with a game plan. Like we stated in our series on setting goals in your marriage, it can begin with setting goals. If spouses can agree on and work towards financial goals it will be a step towards maintaining financial “one flesh”. This all begins with communication. It takes communication to work through financial goals and it takes continued communication as you work towards them. Take the time to evaluate where you are in the financial oneness process. Sit down with your spouse and work through areas that need to be improved on to bring you closer together.

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Money and Your Marriage | Part 1


Why It’s Such An Area Of Conflict

Money is one of the top three areas of conflict in a marriage; some polls even list it as number one. Why is that? Money can be a very difficult thing to see eye to eye on.   Because we tend to marry our opposites, a spender will usually marry a saver. A “live for the moment” personality will marry a planner. This can cause the area money to be a huge mine field for potential problems. Then many come to marriage from a background with no training in finances or come into marriage with debt. Money can be a cause for huge stress. So how do we come together to deal with money in marriage? Check back this week for answers to that question.


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Why Marriage Is Difficult? | Part 4


Being Married To A Different Person

While this may seem fairly obvious, it’s amazing how we fail to realize it on a day to day basis. We so easily forget that our spouse doesn’t react or think like we do. In fact there are times we are shocked by it. We are different personalities, genders, raised in different homes and most of the time we marry our opposite. This can make marriage difficult when our expectation is that our spouse will react or respond to things the way we do.

For this reason we have to put work into a marriage. It takes time and effort to truly know someone. Even then we must be willing to give each other grace and be willing to lay down self for the other person.

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Why Marriage Is Difficult? | Part 3


Marriage In Our Modern Culture

Today’s culture creates a world of complex issues for marriage. On one hand because of technological advances we can gain access to many types of advice on marriage. We also have tools to communicate with each other instantly through many avenues. Both of these can be a blessing and a curse. We live today constantly distracted. It’s no longer just TV that is vying for our attention. Now we have all forms of social media and gaming at our fingertips. Social media brings up a whole new level of boundaries to discuss within the marriage. Click here to listen to podcast devoted to social media and marriage.

What do we do? In order to protect your marriage we need to make sure that we are setting aside time unplugged to focus on our spouse. Set aside time for communication. Make sure to make your marriage a priority in today’s culture with distractions pulling at us from every angle.


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Why Marriage Is Difficult? | Part 2


Marriage Mirrors Our Relationship With God

One of the beautiful things about marriage is that one of it’s many purposes is to emulate the relationship between God and the church. The church is referred to the bride of Christ many times through scripture.   Because of this our marriages are under attack. The enemy knows that an easy way to immobilize a family or Christian leader is to take down the marriage. Again this is such an important topic we have spent a week-long series on placing boundaries around your marriage to protect it. Click here to see that series.

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Being Married with Kids | Part 5


His Needs vs. Her Needs

First, we need to remember that males and females need different things not only from a relationship but they also differ in how they react to a situation.  Females stereotypically will react from an emotional side and males will usually try to take on the same issue from a pragmatic or practical view.  It is amazing how God made us to compliment each other but if we go into dealing with an issue thinking that we will handle issues the same way we are in for failure.  If we recognize that we are different, instead of getting frustrated with the others reaction, we can utilize these differences to balance each other out and come to a great compromise.  This is especially useful for parenting because we can come to the middle on a decision instead of erring to the too soft or too harsh side.  We also have to keep in mind that it is not necessarily that one parent cares more or less about the situation it is that we go into it with very different viewpoints.

The other area where are needs are very different as genders, stereotypically, is what we need from each other at the end of the day.  A mom will probably need her husband to interact with her emotionally and relationally and the husband may have “used all his words for the day” and be ready to zone.  Make sure that you are taking the time to communicate to each other what your needs are so that you can be on the same page, instead of getting frustrated or irritated with each other.  Choosing to be intentional with your relationship will help you to grow closer as friends, this will allow for growth in your marriage even when the days get long.

Choose to be MARRIED with children!

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