Dealing with Rebellion w/Adam & Torrey Roberts | Part 5


When To Seek Help

There are many times when we can seek outside help to give us insight into a family situation.  Sitting down with a counselor could be an option if you feel a situation with your teen may be getting out of control or simply more then you can handle.  A counselor can help a parent and/or teen in dealing with rebellion. It doesn’t have to go that far, however, to need a little outside perspective. A counselor can help a parent by giving them an objective opinion of the situation.  It may just be that there needs to be a few simple tweaks in the parenting plan.

Residential care is another option for a teen who needs to take some time out of his/her old environment and get back to making better choices and forming better habits.  There are many different options as far as residential care goes.  Feel free to check out Sheridan House’s website for more on our residential program and counseling center at  or call our main office line during work hours for help or referrals.


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Teens and Culture

It can be tough to distinguish between a teen stretching their wings and rebellion. We as parents need to strive to be an active part of their lives so we can know and understand where they are coming from in areas like, music, movies, clothes, jewelry, friends, social media, and “teen speak”. It’s very important to know who is influencing your child. Get involved and know who their friends are.
If we can communicate why or why not we are allowing our teens to do certain things it can go along way in helping them make better choices. Remember they may “explore” their choices, if we are not careful we can treat this like rebellion and harm the relationship. We have to be the guide as they are processing through their culture. Take time to communicate with them. When something is a parental preference vs. a moral issue, take the time to hear them out. Even if you don’t go with their choice you have validated that you care about their opinions.

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Warning Signs of Rebellion

There is a difference between full blown rebellion and, although it may feel the same, simply testing and pushing back against the rules.  We can start to pick up on some warning signs of full blown rebellion. Here are a few signs to watch for but are by no means an all inclusive list. Remember that every teen is an individual and rebellion will look different for every child.

-disrespect to all authority figures, not just parents

-intentionally disregarding an instruction

-name calling

-skipping classes

-sneaking out

-forming bad habits (smoking, drugs, etc.)

If teens are in a pattern of rebellion they may just pick the one thing that they know the parents hate and do it just because they know it hits a nerve.  We have to force ourselves not to react emotionally, even though the teen may be attempting to make it a personal attack.  We must have a consequence plan set up to help us not react emotionally.

Remember how we communicate to our teen goes along way to diffusing or igniting the situation.


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How To Do A Parent Evaluation

When rebellion starts to creep in the first step is to evaluate our parenting.  Rebellion if left alone, can lead to disaster this makes it important to have a plan so that the teen years don’t catch us off guard.  Those weekly staff meetings with our spouse become imperative if we are in the midst of our teen pushing against the

There are a few things to look at, first are we setting up age appropriate boundaries? For example, is the curfew or bedtime realistic and age appropriate? Secondly, are we as parents on the same page and being consistent with these boundaries?  Are there clear consequences and rewards for their choices?  Are these rules, rewards and consequences clearly communicated?  It is especially helpful if you can involve the teen in the process.  Teens will be a lot more apt to follow rules that they helped set up.  At the very least have a family meeting to discuss the “behavior plan”. Remember that consistency is key. Sometimes a teen will consistently push against a rule to see if you will back down and when you don’t they will usually come under the authority. It just takes some longer then others.  Don’t loose heart it’s never to late to put a plan in place.


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Why Teens Rebel In The First Place

There can be many reasons why teens rebel but if parents can look at these it can help to detach emotionally from the rebellion.  First, a teen is trying to figure out who they are, they aren’t children but they aren’t adults yet either.  Another reason is they are trying to spread their wings because there is a need for independence.  Also, because of development they suddenly begin to see the world a little more realistically, and even this can cause discontentment.

Another explanation could be that during the teen years, the area of the brain that is the “thinking cap” or judgment center is developing. This could explain why teens sometimes make such rash decisions without a thought of the consequences.

Teens have to deal with the emotions of growing up, peer pressure, trying to fit in and trying to be an individual. So it is normal for teens to push back and be “moody”, just as it is in the toddler phase, but some teens can take it to an extreme level and it can be very hard to deal with.

Check back as we will continue to break down this difficult topic of teens and rebellion.


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