It’s A Parent’s Responsibility

It is a parent’s job to put the cyber world in its proper place in the family.  This is one of those important areas to sit and have a parental staff meeting about.  It must be decided the where, how, when and what for the internet will be used.  Like we have stated there are some beneficial uses, such as schoolwork.   Researching for things is much easier when the internet can be properly utilized.  Teachers have even been know to set up web-pages for big projects so kids can work as groups or use it as a resource.  There are even online tutors and countless supplemental learning resources can be found.  We have to be careful not to through the baby out with the bath water but that baby does have to be monitored.  Start with the question of where is internet use acceptable.  In a child’s bedroom is not the best place. It needs to be a family computer out in the open set up for accountability.  Secondly, how can your kids access the internet? Is it ok for them to use the internet on smart phones, game systems and tablets, or will it only be on the computer?  Next will be the when.  Set up boundaries and specific times especially with your teens, for whom internet usage will have a social aspect.  Phones should not be allowed in the room at night or at the dinner table, for example.   It is our responsibility to set up a plan for how the internet will be used but not abused in our homes.