Torrey Roberts

Dealing With Bedtime

We are joined by Dr. Bob Barnes, to discuss the important part of the day… Bedtime!  

Becoming Trauma Informed

We are joined by Counselor Brian Vann, who walks us through what to look for in this prevailing topic.  


In this episode, we speak to special guest Julianna Guevara about anxiety.  What it looks like in children through adults and how to manage it.  

Step Parenting

In this Episode, guest Brian Vann, shares with us wisdom about step parenting.  

Counseling and Children

We speak to special guest Julianna Guevara in this episode, about what the process of taking your children to counseling looks like. She also gives tips about when is the right time to take your kids to see a counselor.  

Changes and New Beginnings

This episode shares all that has been going on behind the scenes recently at Parenting On Purpose and all the awesome changes that are  happening!