Things Parents Can Do

We have talked all week about some things that parents can do to help with the cyber invasion of the home.  Setting up boundaries such as how much time is spent, where the devices and computer can be used, and modeling the behavior we expect. For the “how to’s” of monitoring the internet usage, check out our series on Privacy vs. Protection by clicking here.

There are other things that parents can do such as making sure to stay up on current cyber trends.   If you don’t attempt to be current it will be difficult to monitor what your child is doing online, as well as make informed decisions if they are asking to do things.  Make sure to interrupt sedentary periods with periods of activity.  If your child has been online chatting or gaming for a period, send them outside for some exercise.  Better yet go out with them for a walk. Introduce activities that challenge or force your child to think.  Family game nights are great for this.  When purchasing a toy or activity for your child, think through what it does for their development.  Even simple things can be helpful like encouraging your child to help you in the kitchen, rather then getting them out of your hair and occupied by devices.