Emancipation / Independence | Part 1

Independence vs. Dependence

When our children are born they are completely dependent on us for everything.  This phase of infancy is for relationship development.  We are there to meet their needs to begin to model God’s provision and that He will never leave us or forsake us.  Dr. Sears suggests, as the child leaves infancy and goes into toddlerhood this is the time to slowly, over a decade long process, create independence.  The goal is to train an independent thinker, independent “doer” and independent follower of Christ.  We want to train leader who can go out into the world and be used by God to change the world.  There is a necessary slow moving process for training each child to become independent and emancipated, where we as parents “pass of the baton” to God.   This takes choosing to take charge of the parenting process, rather than allowing the culture around you dictate the parenting lesson plan.  We will spend the rest of this week breaking down the planned emancipation process.  Make the choice to be intentional about raising an independent child, choose to parent on purpose.