Emancipation / Independence | Part 3

The Process of Raising an Adult: Part 1- Keep the Goal in Mind

It is easy through out the parenting process to get discouraged through the long haul.  One of the ways to fight that is to keep our eyes on the goal and take baby steps towards independence.  We can begin to train our child in independence even in the early years as they begin to ask for it.  There are many ways to train a young child in independence.  It obviously begins to happen naturally through the toddler years.  They begin to feed themselves, dress themselves, and potty train.  We can utilize this time in their lives to help encourage them in decision making.  We can be intentional, even though it may not be time effective, to allow them areas to train in independence such as choosing their own clothes. Practice in decision making can also be trained in this time, for example learning to pick up toys before getting out new ones, which teaches responsibility.  A parent of an older toddler can allow them little areas of independence in learning to play by themselves in their room.  There are many small areas that may be a few extra minutes of training for a parent but so worth the baby step in teaching a young child independence.