Observing Your Child’s Moods

It is easy for us to see if our children don’t feel good physically.  They show physical symptoms of sickness, runny nose, fever, coughing; but what about if our child is in emotional pain?  Each child may have a different way to tell us they are in pain, due to age and personality differences.   Some older children who are outspoken may immediately get into the car after school and be able to verbalize that they got into an argument with their friend and are upset.  Another child may get into the car and be quiet and sullen.  There may be even another child who suffers more silently and you have to really observer their behavior to see that they are hurting.  This is where it is imperative that we become students of our children even from a young age to learn their individual “tells’ that something is bothering them emotionally.

Check back this week as we continue this discussion on noticing your child’s pain.